Step-by-Step Guide: How to Install IPTV Smarters-Based App and Other APK Files on Windows 11 Without Bluestacks or NoxPlayer

With the latest Windows 11 update, it is now possible to install APK files directly on your system without relying on side emulators like Bluestacks or NoxPlayer. In this guide, we’ll show you how to set up your Windows 11 system to virtualize Android and install our IPTV Smarters-based app and other APK files with ease.

Configure Your Windows 11

Before you can install APK files on your Windows 11 system, you need to virtualize Android on your device. Fortunately, Microsoft has already provided a tutorial on how to do this. Follow the steps below:

Go to the Microsoft website and follow the tutorial.

Installing Windows Subsystem for Android

You can install the subsystem for Android from the Microsoft Store. However, it has some limitations that you should be aware of:

  1. You need a working Amazon account or create one to access Amazon Appstore.
  2. It’s only available in a few countries.
  3. There is a very limited choice of apps that you can install.

If you want to install the subsystem for Android manually, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Store link generator and paste this URL:
  2. Download the .msixbundle file with a size greater than 1GB. The file may have a different name or version. The screenshot below is accurate as of 03-03-23.
  3. Unlock the file, make sure it’s signed by Microsoft, and install it with admin permissions. The system will ask for a reboot to install updates.
  4. After rebooting, activate the developer mode in the subsystem for Android.

Install a Sideloader WSAtools

To install APK files on your Windows 11 system, you need a sideloader. Here’s how to get one:

Open the Microsoft Store and search for WSAtools.

Install the app. It will ask you to install Android Debug Bridge (ADB). You can learn more about ADB here.

Download our APK from our website. Open WSAtools and press “Select an APK.” The APK will be installed shortly.

Now that you have a sideloader installed, you can install any APK file on your Windows 11 system.

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