IPTV Webplayer Tutorial and FAQs

IPTV without a Android device has always been a cumbersome experience in the past. The best apps still only exist for Android, but through some background updates the webplayer has become a powerful alternative in 2024.

So what happened that made IPTV work well suddenly in the browser?

Here are three reasons why the webplayer suddenly became useful:

Microsoft Edge and Mac OS Safari licensed Dolby Codecs

Free browsers like Chrome or Firefox cannot afford to license audio codecs from Dolby, but since both Apple and Microsoft are actually selling a product they can pay the necessary license fee and finally did. Microsoft even went one step further and added Atmos. Through this all our content that is optimized for TV’s/ Home cinemas in Dolby Digital is now playable in a browser.

Microsoft Edge is now the only browser with Dolby Atmos support.

You can find a overview over which browser supports which Dolby format here:


Sadly, even though Safari is listed as Dolby compatible, we were unable to confirm that it plays everything now like Edge. We didn’t get sound just like on Chrome and other browsers without Dolby support.

JWPlayer got updated

This player is responsible for all mp4 files. It got updated with h265 support, 60fps support, 4K and even VR support with up to 7k videos.

Flowplayer got updated

This player is the only webplayer that can handle mkv files. Since most movies and TV shows with multiple subtitles and audio tracks come in this format this update made nearly all our content playable.


Even though there has been a lot of new features, there are still some things missing that make the webplayer experience inferior to Android Apps:

  • No Subtitle support.

Flowplayer doesn’t support .srt subtitles in mkv files. They say srt is not part of the html5 standard, but mkv isn’t too, so let’s hope a future update will unlock subtitles in the future.

  • No multiple audio track support

Flowplayer doesn’t let you select which audio track you want and will always play the first. This can be a problem, since some movies have audio commentary as the first audio track. If you spot such a movie please report it to us. Also this makes most international TV shows not a great experience on the webplayer, because the original language is preselected and you can’t switch to the dubbed audio.

  • No guaranteed functionality

As you can see there are many parts about the webplayer that are out of our control. For that reason the webplayer cannot be a full alternative to the android apps, which we control completely. Sometimes parts don’t work (e.g. from beginning September until end of October h265 VR was broken and there was nothing we could do about it), sometimes the player updates in the background, etc.

Link to webplayer:


If you try our system with the webplayer, be aware that everything was built for the Android apps in mind and if something doesn’t work as expected on the webplayer it is likely working on the Android App.

We recommend that you get yourself a device capable of using the Android apps. Please see the webplayer as a bonus, not as the main product.

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